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Wind song perfume gift set

wind song perfume gift set

Update: This scent has become my favorite for wearability, along with Cabotine green and Lou Lou.
Got it at Ross, my go to and closest frag stop for el cheapo sents, living in rural California.
Today, of course, its not the natural stuff that perfumers use, but a huge array of synthetic musks, ranging from sweet, powdery musks to almost metallic versions.Luckily, we both love Lou Lou and Opium, but I also have the need for some really fun, lighthearthed scents that I can love and that are easy for the rest of those to to handle.Oh, and after reading more of the reviews I'll add-no,I don't smell that soapy smell most everybody brings.Longevity for Circus Fantasy isn't bad, could love it even more if it was tenacious in the manner good French perfume.You can also use this space to ask any fragrance related questions. .
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Other ingredients, too like extracts of ambrette seed, galbanum and angelica root can also deliver a musky sensuality to a perfume.
Can it purr?
Circus Fantasy is a weird name, there's nothing circusy about this!
Vast amounts of perfume industry research dollars have gone into creating alternatives to this cornerstone ingredient: patented notes like Galaxolide, Andoxal, Nirvanolide, Celestolide, Velvione, Helvetolide, among other inventively-named creations.
I have an intense "thing" fo non-sweet greenie scents (Azuree, Bandit wore them alot-then he said"what's that your wearing that smells like lime, it's making me sick.LAir de Rien, narciso Rodriguez, essence, narciso Rodriguez for Her.Nasomatto, silver Musk, serge Lutens, muscs Koublai Khan. Can it be sex-in-a-bottle?Your responses are really valuable for navigating the big and sometimes confusing world of perfume, so lets help each other!To make this thread easier to read, when you reply to someone, please click on the blue reply link under their comment.It translates to my nose as having a clean-smelling history behind nobel prize floral trail-which is perfect!