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Unwanted gift cards uk

Buyers can save anywhere from 5 to 50, so it might be worth checking out CardHub before making a big purchase from an established retailer.
Even if its for a store you quite like, you might need the cash more, or perhaps you have a particular item or hobby that youre more interested in spending money christmas gift baskets asp on right now.
Birthplace of Chris Martin and Joe Launchbury.If you wrote your return address and Cardyard order code on the envelope, secured the card inside and used a strong envelope with all flaps secured, it will arrive.Did you include a return address?You may have been given a gift card by family, friends or your employer.Gift cards are similar to cash as they can be used to buy almost anything with little restriction, and can be combined with other offers and voucher codes.Zeek credit offers the best return for our gift card because it carries no selling fees.With your 45 Zeek credit in your account, theres nothing left for you to do other than decide where you want to shop instead.
It will then be validated.
If you are selling us an eGift card, send.
Choosing Zeek credit as a payout method.
It must be complete: Missing, incomplete or invalid codes will lead to cards being marked as invalid.
Physical gift cards that have the PIN not revealed, will be paid 7 working days after gift card has been received by Cardyard.
Dont forget once your auction has ended youll also lose some of your winnings as fees to both eBay and PayPal so take this into account before setting your price too low.
Your gift card sold!We send it to you.Unfortunately the bulk of the sales seem to be located in the US, though its nice to have a service that caters for international users too.Incorrectly addressed cards, or with incorrect postage, can get diverted to the Royal Mail Revenue Protection team who will try to return the envelope.They are then paid two weeks after they have sold.Cardyard is the UK's only gift-card exchange company setup to give you money and save you money.You can also download Cardyard from App Stores for free.

Use a postage stamp, and write your return address including the send code (also called order code which is a 7 character code specific to your package) on the envelope.
The most logical and obvious choice for such a task, eBay is full of discounted gift cards being sold both as auctions and Buy It Now items.
That way you are sure of their value, are covered by our guarantee, and can quickly benefit from the saving.