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Stripe checkout coupon code

stripe checkout coupon code

Note that the coupon functionality runs only with subscriptions, not with simple payments.
This is the fourth article in the Process Payments with Stripe in Rails tutorial series: In this post, we will work on the same code base for this tutorial series.
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_post'sc_sub_interval' : 'month interval_count?The function has been working grate, but today a user let me know that the coupon returned false, I tested it and got the same thing, the coupon code is in my Stipe dashboard and it is under the live tab.I have a function setup to validate a Stripe coupon code, this function is called via an Ajax call when the coupon field on my checkout form loses focus.Create a coupon column in the registration model rails g migration add_coupons_to_registrations coupon:string: class AddCouponsToRegistrations ActiveRecord:Migration def change add_column :registrations, :coupon, :string end end, in the form we will create the input for the coupon views/registrations/ml.setup_fee isset post'sc_sub_setup_fee?' /mark catch (StripeErrorApiConnection e) if (for_export) return sprintf TLS.2 is not supported.' months else duration forever price status- percent_off.Search Promo Codes Now.Fortunately, Knoji's community helps you find all the latest discount codes for Stripe and other brands.Not jdrf walk prizes sure if the Stipe package got updated and broke my code or what, I'm not getting any on screen errors or errors in my log.2,415,162 vouchers for 25,817 stores, Updated on Oct 21,18.
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Status- duration; else if( status- duration 'repeating' ) duration.
_post'sc_sub_interval_count' : 1; statement_description?We will implement a coupon option that comes with the subscription service that we covered in part 3 of this series.'stripe / Return as json echo json_encode(json die;).Test_key / If test key isn't set._post'sc_test_mode' : 'false if (sub) sub!empty post'sc_sub_id?Timestamp; name Subscription 'sc_sub.You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples * Stripe TLS requirement.Blank?.field bel :coupon.text_field :coupon.In our registration controller, add it to the permitted params: 1 2 3 def registration_params rmit course_id, :full_name, :company, :telephone, :email, :card_token, :coupon) end Add the coupon when we create a customer in our Registration model: 1 2 3 customer_data email: email, card: card_token, coupon.Duration; return catch(Exception e) return 'status' 'false.Public function isCouponValid(coupon stripeStripe:setApiKey( env stripe_secret try status StripeCoupon:retrieve( coupon if(status- amount_off) price currencies( strtoupper( status- currency ) ).Stripe_Checkout_Functions extracted from open source projects.