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The Army's culture of sleep deprivation begins during basic training, although the Center for Initial Military Training has taken steps recently to incorporate additional sleep into the platform.
But when it comes to other actions that can do similar damage, or worse, we promote them with reverence, pretending they are strengths.
You may not have to wash your clothes down at the river, but more than any other generation, modern parents have less family support with more outside responsibilities.X, tell any vouchers for slimming world Us About Your Baby!Jeffrey Jager, left, and former Marine Corps Sgt.Aaron Kennedy deployed twice to the Middle East and later served as an intelligence systems instructor at the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Staff Training Program in Quantico, Virginia.A simple tweak to existing regulations to add "sleep tracker" into passages that involve pedometers and other fitness tools would highlight that the Army is starting to take sleep seriously.Between June and July, we received 221 responses from active-duty and reserve-component soldiers, with nearly 41 percent supporting the Triad's core concepts.Second, mandate the use of wearable sleep trackers and implement policies to prevent sleep-deprived individuals from making decisions and leading units.
Unfortunately, the Army has yet to grasp how important sleep is to mission accomplishment, decision-making, general health, physical fitness, and the whole host of other activities.
The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the positions of the Army, Defense Department or any federal agency.
The Army recognizes this problem and is working to address sleep management issues via its Performance Triad program, marking sleep as one of three focus areas alongside physical activity and nutrition.
Studies show those who managed just five to six hours of sleep a night perform much like a person with a blood alcohol content.08, the level at which one is considered legally drunk in all states.Hear what real moms and dads say about snoo.Amtrak Vacations train vacation brochure.Health of the Force report, only 15 percent of the active-duty Army meets all national sleep standards, and an incredible 55 percent failed to meet any of the defined targets.Photo Credit: Submitted photos, our recommendation to counter force-wide sleep deprivation is two-fold.When you brag about that, you are telling me that it's ok for you to harm your health and not perform your best at work or at home.As Pat Wadors, Linkedin's Chief Human Resource Officer, explains in a 2015 piece.

In the Army, an institution where real life-and-death consequences derive from decisions, we argue that sleep deprivation is definitely not something to brag about.