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Sayings to go with candy gifts

Wonderful fighters, and greatly appreciated.S.
Cat may look at a king - A Cat out of the bag - Let the Catbird seat - In the Catch 22 Cat's Cradle Caught in a cleft stick Caught by the short hairs Caught red-handed Chain is ironman winner prize only as strong indianapolis zoo coupon code 2017 as its weakest.
Z Zero Dark Thirty, or Zero Dark Hundred.
Being shot at by your own Troops.The shits, Hersey Squirts, diarrhea, asshole.Wherefore art thou Romeo?A loaded weapon with a round in the chamber, safety.To stay alert and on guard at all times.
One of the standard short barreled weapons of our Troops.
A Code of Conduct that Marines live.
As in KAC.
Like fuckin Hajji, or Hajji asshole.
Anything that draws enemy bullets to your position.
The Beautiful Round-eyed Woman that takes you to the Big Base Camp.A yellow jug that is filled with explosives, used by the enemy.An IED resistant (?) vehicle used in Iraq and Afghanistan (costs about 700,000) Bug Fuck.A golden key can open any door.Its what you say before and after it that changes the meaning.A tent having a wooded frame and a wooden floor.What Marines call a hat.The response win marriott points is oorah!For two reasons, cause the word changes and you need to accept that, and so that your ass aint tight when the green weenie plugs.(Take with a) grain of salt Grand slam Grandfather clock Granny dumping Grasp the nettle Grass up Graveyard shift Greased lightning Great balls of fire Great minds think alike Great unwashed - the Green eyed monster Gregory Peck Gridlock Grind to a halt Grinning like.Not real accurate but effective.A bullet that when fired is visible, especially at night.