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Obama after trump win

obama after trump win

I dont know, he told aides.
Never been as wrong on anything on my life, tweeted Obamas 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe, who had been advising Clintons campaign throughout.Trump sensed the fear, and domestic flight tickets discount coupons sensed the anxiety, and he fanned the flames of that negativity and that division, said New York Gov.The Democrats dont have much of a bench, and the strength of Trumps win makes clear that they will have to sloanex discount code go into the next four years with more than confidence in shifting demographics.At one point, he sent a message.More 's election led former President Obama to question his judgment of the American people and compare Trump to a cartoon, according to an upcoming memoir by a longtime Obama aide.Four more years of a Democrat in the White House would make much of how roadrunner shuttle promo code 2014 Obama reshaped the government irreversible.
A week before voting day, one election model forecasted Clinton winning 332 electoral votes to, donald Trump s 206.
The most shocking part of tonight is the number of people who approve of Obama but didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, tweeted former Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer after the results came inbut that in itself may be a skewed portrait: the same polls that.
Maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe Obama said.Share on Facebook, there is no plan at the White House.In, "The World as It Is former aide Ben Rhodes writes that shortly after Trump won, Obama was at times optimistic and other times frustrated with the results.Trump's election win in 2016 shocked many after pollsters widely predicted that Democratic candidate.2018 CBS Interactive Inc.They were right, and they were wrong."I couldn't shake the feeling that I should have seen it coming Rhodes writes.

Either that plan will change, or that home will likely become the base of a government in exile, a Democratic Party that has apparently lost touch with the country, and not been, in fact, more in touch with it than Republicans ever wanted to admit.