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Lol champion win rates

The table is still somewhat in beta; expect more filtering options such as patches, dates, tournaments, and teams in the near future.
11:098 months ago 64,584 views, this.The farming potential on Singed is off the scale, and Evelynn can appear when you least expect her.Vayne is highly popular in the lower tiers, as she's always been.Equally, Master Yi might look terrible with a 20 win rate, but he's been picked a measly five times this month.Gnar is low down too, with.5.15:218 months ago 103,237 views 1st 12:01, 2nd 10:24, 3rd 9:07, 4th 8:10, 5th 6:41, 6th 5:00, 7th 4:11, 8th 2:34, 9th 1:21, 10th 0:08 Help me reach 50000 subscribes.Sports News Business News Science Technology World News National News Health News China News Footbal News Travel Action Fiction Cartoon Affection Funny Martial Art War Horror Legend Adventure Anime Movie 18 Funny Auto Moto Lifestyle Animals Game Show Clip Hot Make money Cheat Fight Schoolgirl.That snowball potential is hard to counter without the knowledge and game mechanics necessary.Best LoL Champion in Challenger Top 5 discount title loans midvale Win Rate Wukong - (83.33) Draven - (81.82) Sona - (77.78) Soraka - (76.47) Nasus - (71.43) Worst 5 Win Rate Nautilus - (15.38) Vi - (16.67) Nocturne - (16.67) Ziggs - (25.00) Renekton - (27.27) Of course.14:584 weeks ago 20,472 views 0:00 - 10 place Jax, 1:24 - 9 place Graves, 2:55 - 8 place Amumu, 3:55 - 7 place Yorick, 5:26 - 6 place Garen, 6:46 - 5 place Miss.Ryze - (43.50 syndra - (45.32 gragas - (45.35).
She's bonkers, but apparently you do need a bit more skill than you think to win with her.
Nunu, on the other hand, should probably be avoided at all costs.
Lee Sin was played the third most this month, but his win rate is just.02.
42:5011 months ago 320,697 views, highest Winrate Top, xin Zhao Gameplay!
Mordekaiser might look unbeatable with.67 win rate, but that's only because 24 games have been played with him this month.
League of Legends has well over a hundred characters to choose from, and some are better.Only Mordekaiser, Aurelion Sol, Ivern, and Skarner have been played less during the last month.10:031 month ago 2,690 views, top 10 rarest champions /least played champions in League of Legends.11:131 year ago 649,788 views Best champions that require little skill to be effective!Best LoL Champion in Gold Top 5 Win Rate Taric - (54.64) Miss Fortune - (54.11) Xin Zhao - (54.08) Shyvana - (53.91) Singed - (53.88) Worst 5 Win Rate Nunu - (43.76) Ryze - (44.06) Galio - (45.05) Gragas - (45.41) Syndra - (45.95).We now have to wait and see what changes Riot will make over the coming month or so, and whether they'll shake things.However, just because you see a bunch of champions being played on streams and in esports competitions, doesn't mean they're necessarily good for your level.Leona is banned a lot, and that's probably because when she's picked, she wins a lot.Top 5 Ban Ratio, zoe - (70.35 ezreal - (47.57).

14:4710 months ago 25,302 views 1st 12:54, 2nd 11:54, 3rd 10:41, 4th 9:25, 5th 7:34, 6th 6:09, 7th 4:46, 8th 3:12, 9th 1:36, 10th 0:08 Help me reach 50000.