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How to report a raffle on facebook

how to report a raffle on facebook

A disclaimer that your raffle isnt sponsored by or associated with Facebook itself.
Another thing you need to be aware of is that your raffle isn't necessarily completely lawful if you abide by the cream tea voucher cornwall rules Facebook sets; you need to check local laws to make sure you are okay.Heres an overview of the ones you need to comply with: Collection of Data: What you need to know: If you ask people to enter their contact details, such as email, phone, etc.Message a Page, submit personal information in an entry form.And Facebook doesnt make it any easier by making their own policy and platform changes all the time.Here are a few methods you can use to contact your Facebook raffle winners: Email (recommended).Even if they make an update that disrupts your raffle they wont help you.This template is based off of a number of past Facebook raffles done by large companies and small ones - generally in North America.Tagging: What you need to know: In a nutshell, this says that you cant ask raffle entrants to tag themselves (or their friends) in a photo that they are not present.
They are not liable if something goes changes in the Facebook Platform that causes your raffle any disruption.
Facebook has strict guidelines of their own for running any kind of promotion, raffle or contest on Facebook.
Should I report this group to FB?
Lets start with a quick briefing on the best practices for running a legal Facebook raffle: Where you can/cannot run a Facebook raffle: You can run a raffle on your Pages Timeline, in a Facebook Page Tab and on a Facebook App page.
What your Facebook Raffle Must Include: Your official Facebook Raffle Rules (or a link to it).
Post on their own Timeline, share on a friends Timeline, like-Gating: Like-gating is a tactic in which you force a person to Like your Facebook Page before they can enter your raffle.These also cannot be used to automatically enroll others in a raffle.As of now, Facebook doesnt allow you to run a raffle on a personal profile/timeline, so you need to do it through your Facebook Page.Generally Facebook raffle rules are very extensive, so you will need to have a link on the raffle entry page that takes entrants to a separate page to read them.This provision is in place to stop people from spamming their friends Newsfeeds with erroneous content.There are also a few Facebook Page Guidelines (outside of the Promotions section) that pertain to Facebook raffles.It is not legal advice.

If you ask people to submit any personal details, video, photos or text content, you must get their permission to reuse it in the future.
Please obtain legal guidance from an experienced attorney before publishing your Facebook giveaway rules and regulations.
Fortunately, these requirements are fairly simple and are designed to keep your raffle legal and keep you out of trouble.