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Gift card graveyard

Return Gift of Immortality to the battlefield attached to that creature at the beginning of the next end step is the ability effect.
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When it successfully resolves you return Gift of Immortality from the graveyard to the battlefield and attach it to the card that used to be its enchanted creature.It can not be put in an attachment.The card returns under its owners control, not under the control of the player who controlled it when it was enchanted, nor under the control of the Auras former controller.At the beginning of the next end step the delayed ability triggers.Time to put your own logo on the gift card.It is an animated land, artifact or a planeswalker.When an enchanted creature dies, the ability triggers.
What is important is that it is the closest end step since the Gift of Immortality ability has resolved.
This item can not be placed in inventory, you can only activate it on your account.
Remember the card with Undying that changed the zone?
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Lets assume that the creature you enchanted with Gift of Immortality isnt exactly a creature.Sales Email: Add a comment.On Steam there have been significant changes.In this connection, Gift is purchased directly to your account after payment for the goods.In this sad case Gift of Immortality will stay in the graveyard.As graveyard is a public zone Gift of Immortalitys ability can track the object that used to be enchanted when Gift of Immortality was on the battlefield.Anything animated immediately stops being a creature if the albert colchester vouchers put into the graveyard.Purchase and delivery of games is carried out manually, directly to your account and within 4 hours.

This ability will trigger only once: at the beginning of the next end step.
Translated by Lev Kotlyar.
You may sacrifice it, it may be destroyed or it may simply be put into the graveyard as a result of the state-based actions (.