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Facebook editor rewards

facebook editor rewards

Like the bonus candies, you just need to drive over them to collect the points.
Future changes are still in discussion.
Scrubbing Places of these duplicates will reduce confusion about which version of a Place to check.In smaller countries with no current CM, you can where can i buy american doll gift cards request CM status at a lower rank and if appropriate you may be granted.The Table of Points, activity, points, unit.According to the contest rules, the top 10 editors will receive thank-you gifts from Facebook, with the top editor also collecting a special gift of travel gear.For more information, please read about permissions in the waze map editor.Community Edits tab application, shown on the Places of cities.Waze uses a point system to track use of the the Waze client send off gifts for brother application, and the Waze Map Editor.In the first example, those 10 segments changed all at once will get you credit for 10 edits.If you need help fixing an object that is locked above your rank, please read about editing objects locked above your rank Map Editing Rank Criteria The information below about points, ranks, and promotion applies to most countries.
Waze Staff Administrator Waze employees that manage and interface with Waze editors and users.
Both map edit points and editing rank are displayed when you use the map editor.
The bonus points can only be earned once unless otherwise noted.Facebook already utilizes some basic game dynamics to get users interacting with the site, but they have yet to implement any badge service, the most common feature of many social games.Editors of any Rank can be granted AM rights, however in some countries there may be a minimum requirement before Area Managers are approved.Waze Points Rank Your total points collected from all types of activities are compared to others in your Country or State depending upon what server you are located.The Places Editor app allows users to add missing information to Places, as well as flag duplicate Places that are sometimes added by other locations services including Foursquare and Gowalla.If you do not think the points are up-to-date, please check the status page to see if waze is aware of any delays.Its first data cleanup features were.Waze Levels (Waze Points Levels) Waze Baby Welcome to the world, Wazer!Some editors may belong to multiple groups, but only one badge can be displayed.We believe Facebook is using the data to surface higher quality Places when users checkin and search the site, keep the database tidy so that different users check in to the same Place when theyre actually at the same location, and to improve ad relevance.This group also includes Wazers who were invited by Waze to the attend the various Waze Meet-Ups around the globe.Voting simply brings up another set of choices, with no clear indication of what users are accomplishing.