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After waiting for 10 min, the line died and when I tried to phone back, I couldn't get through.More Boardmans Complaints Reviews.I asked if I can use their phone to phone someone from headoffice so we can try to come to a solution (this was the last day we could make a registry as it is almost my kitchen tea).As a loyal customer, I expect a solution when there is a problem like this.After explaining the situation to the operator, he said that he will see what he can do and get back to me in 5 min.Edgars - Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen Living Room Products Online.
It has been great for our wedding website.
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As a loyal customer, I do not expect an employee from Boardmans to casually tell me I should take off from work and go to a different Boardmans so they can sort out this problem.
As a loyal customer, I expect the manager to phone headoffice and at least try to assist.
We went to the Boardmans in Menlyn Park shopping center and was told that the scanner does not work and therefore we cannot make a wedding registry.My fiance and I are getting married in December and wanted to make a wedding registry at Boardmans today.After all the frustration, I tried to do the registry online, without any success.The store manager then said I must take off from work tomorrow and go to another Boardmans (however, the scanners at Menlyn, Woodlands, the Grove, Brooklyn and Kollonade are not working - 5 cinemas?).We Offer A Wide Range Of Products On Sale To Inspire Creativity In The Home.Keywords: edgars, boardmans, russell hobbs, champagne glasses, boardmans sale, huffpost gift guide how do i pay my edgars account online.Just a few remarks from my side: - I am highly disappointed with the service at Menlyn and Woodlands.I am sure this is because PayPal has changed something since this was released and development was stopped.So I used my own phone (and airtime) to make a call to headoffice.After several times of asking how we can resolve the issue we decided to drive to The Woodlands shopping center and make our list at the Boardmans there.I was then told that I am not allowed to use their phone and they are not going to phone headoffice.The website keeps logging me out when I try to add new items.We Have Cooking Utensils, Appliances, Bedroom Linen Living Room Products, Something For Each Room.The service we received there was even worse as we got told (by the manager) that there is nothing they can do for us and that head office does not care that the scanners are not working.