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Best gifts for programmers

Why not a mug?
This is the perfect gift for any techie you know.
Its one of the best hobbies for a programmer 10 Rewarding Hobbies That Involve Programming or Scripting 10 Rewarding Hobbies That Involve Programming or Scripting.
Its an excellent way to expand ones programming skills.Belkin boost UP Wireless Charging Pad (Designed with Apple).T-shirts, why its practical: you can wear it, price range: 10-20.It is a wireless charger and an excellent gift for people with an iPhone X or Google Pixel 2, as they have this type of charging capabilities.We recommend the Bright Light Therapy Box, but if thats too expensive then check out these other affordable light therapy lamps 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression If your depression only sets in during the.It is the ultimate do-it-yourself kit for coders.Check them out below.Here's what you should know before you commit to a purchase.They can be pricey but are totally worth the price: they simply feel better to use, and that kind of improvement audible gift membership discount can have huge effects on productivity.Arduino Why its practical: keeps coding skills sharp Price range: 40-2000 Stores: Arduino The mention of this brand brings smiles to many programmers faces.
For the productivity hackers.
For the makers, crafters tinkerers.
Finding great gifts for anyone can be a struggle, but when its for someone who thinks in binary, it becomes even more complicated.
Programmers need a practical way to identify their things from everyone elses; especially after an all-day work session.The varidesk Adjustable Standing Desk is beloved by many, highly customizable, and extremely worthwhile.These fun gifts wont help them code, but they are pretty useful.Not that theyre antisocial or anything like that, but just like any other kind of office worker, it comes with the profession: they spefnd most hours indoors in front of a computer.A premium Spotify subscription.This is for super-enthusiasts.Its a fun way to learn computer programming and is appropriate for all ages.Here are some of our best Arduino projects for beginners to get started with!Rubber Duck, no, this isnt a joke!But dont go and get noise- cancelling headphones they need noise- isolating headphones.Just ask for a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more.Consult our guide to buying mechanical keyboards 7 Newbie Tips When Buying a Mechanical Keyboard 7 Newbie Tips When Buying a Mechanical Keyboard Thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard?

Its got an Intel processor, up to 4GB of memory and storage space.
You can create robots, IoT devices, wearable electronics and even a 3D printer out of Arduino boards and sheer coding prowess.
But it isnt free: a single-user plan costs 25 per month.