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Animal gift wrap

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Then get some scissors and cut out a tail, ears, feet, fins, wings, flippers or hooves and stick on with glue.
The packages are perfect for wishing someone the happiest bear-thday, mazel tov on a bat-mitzvah, or celebrating someone special no matter what the occasion.
With Animal Gift Wrap, you have the tough responsibility of choosing from the following twenty-four cuddly creatures: bat, cat, cow, elephant, fox, gorilla, gray whale, hippo, koala, lemur, lion, mouse, orca, owl, panda, penguin, polar bear, rabbit, raccoon, rhino, sheep, tiger, white whale, and wolf.EndDate amDateFormat HH:mm' today (whilst stocks last).These animal-shaped presents are just so stinkin cute!Finish the bear off with a little green bow tie by tying a bow and cutting off the ends and hot gluing it under his chin.Use a circle punch (or use scissors) to cut out small black circles for the eyes.When youve made your selection, you can do it five more times!Cut out some yellow webbed feet and attach under the present at the bottom.And, if you're feeling really adventurous, you can even create your own hybrids, monsters and creatures using all the included stickers.The pack breast cancer gift cards comes with a step by step guide on how to make 24 different animals, from Rabbits and Racoons to Penguins and Polar Bears.Using the small punch (or scissors) cut out little pink circles.
You'll need: Large sheets of thin colored paper.
In which case we salute you for your ninja gift buying skills.
Enough sheets of wrapping paper, stickers and cut out features to create 6 animals.
Also included are 8 sticker sheets with adhesive anatomical details and 5 cut-out sheets for appendages.
Start by wrapping the box with the present in inside the paper provided, once you've got the present covered, choose which animal you'd like your present to become!
These guys are cray-cray cute.Offer ends at tivePromotion.Copyright Notonthehighstreet Enterprises Limited.Start by wrapping the box with the present inside the paper provided, once you've got it sealed, chose the eyes, nose and mouth from the sticker sheets.So why ruin the surprise with horrible wrapping paper?!Animal Gift Wrap is so unique that there wont be any question of who the gifter is; nobodys going to forget the woman who brought a gorilla to the party.A good present is only as great as the package it comes.Fold the bottom of the triangles together back under the ear to make a flap for the ear to be glued down.Wrapping paper dimensions: 51 x 74cm.Draw a mouth with a black marker under the nose.Animal Gift Wrap makes awesome presents look even more special.Cut a piece of black paper that is as wide as the top of your box and comes down the front into a point to form his face and beak area.Dimensions: Wrapping paper dimensions ; 51 x 74cm / 20 x 29 inches, Stickers of various dimensions, Cut out shapes of various dimensions.