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7.2 pvp rewards

Therefore I'm simply applying the 200 rating 10/5 item level system on the current minimum PvP item level.
02:34 PM #1, hey guys, new video up from the PTR about Obliterating PvP Gear for Tokens.Also does anyone how much you get per piece obliterated?Same goes for old raids Tomb of fertility show promotional code Sargeras LFR.As of now it seems like it's something like this: Random Battlegrounds/Skirmish 860, rated Arena/Battlegrounds.Originally Posted by, mormolyce.Sure it's comfortable but it'd be sitting there.Reply With", 03:27 PM #20 Wow win marriott points and instead of just adding PvP vendors, they go out of their way to add this in the game?Sitting one a few million gold, and really don't have anything to spend it on (don't care about mounts etc).I'll need to start working on getting.
But now no one cares about that anymore Reply With", 04:34 PM #17 Originally Posted by BeerWolf I am glad I did - made my millions of gold selling obliterum Great for you I barely spend any gold so having millions more would do nothing.
Reply With", 05:34 PM #2 rng to replace rng, just with a slightly better chance of getting what you need.
I might be missing something.
Gold's got more uses now - aside from using WoW Tokens for gametime you can now add it t balance to be used for other Blizzard titles.
These changes will keep some exclusive rewards per season tied to your rank, while allowing us to continue releasing bigger rewards on roughly the same cadence we did previously.
Rated Arena/Battlegrounds, rated Arena/Battlegrounds, rated Arena/Battlegrounds /915 (in season 1 it was a 5 rating increase in season 2 it was 10 so I'm not sure).What happened to ".All Seasons will now use the same type of currency.Pretty much, but it does have the ability to fill in missing gear.So much corporate pride and egotism in Blizzard's staff.Tomb of Sargeras Mythic.Let's compare these numbers to PvE item rewards (I won't mention Normal/Heroic/Mythic Dungeons since these rewards remain the same.Reply With", 10:25 PM #4, i pvp for the transmog set.Is there a reason for this and not 5 CP Eviscerate?