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300 win mag long action

90 original finish on the.
As an all-around choice.If your barrel is marked.300 Savage then you can shoot.300 Savage ammunition by any manufacturer.For an answer on that question, your best bet would probably be to contact the customer service centre.F.There is no "one" better anything- including rifle calibers.Best Long-Range.300 Win Mag Federal 300 Win Mag 190gr Gold Medal Match hpbt If you want to squeeze all the accuracy you can out of your 300 Win Mag, give the MatchKing a try.The Professional wears a Bushnell Elite 4500.5-1040, a trim, bright piece of glass thats lighter than most might win some but you just lost one lyrics and matches the rifle well.
The ballistic advantage of the 7mm bullet continues to make gains on the.308 cal bullet out past 1000 yds.
Fire up your computer and search for best long-range hunting cartridge or best all-around magnum cartridge and youll be sure to find the.300 Win Mag in the top 10 of every list you find.
The 300 Winchester mag has a base price of 1,995 without scope but it does have a brake which reduces the kick a lot.If you are looking for a cartridge that will cover your hunting needs from Alaska to Zimbabwe, look no further than the.300 Winchester Magnum.What condition is the stock in?That speaks to the popularity of this fine cartridge.That aerodynamic bullet and heavyweight allow the bullet to achieve a very flat trajectory.That being said, the 300 Win Mag shines as a long-range cartridge.Expierment with with diferent chargesI had the best luck with 75gn.That will put you no more than 2 1/2' off aimed target at anything within 300 yrs. As mentioned above, I believe the round is best suited to 180-grain bullets for big game.Mag case necked down to hold.308-inch bullets, something very close to the.308 Norma Mag.Editors Note: This excerpt is from Cartridges of the World, 15th Edition, available now.

Since 1963 hunters, target shooters, snipers, and law enforcement personnel have depended on Winchesters Big 30 to deliver results.
Mag., is among the most accurate.
Government purchased match grade ammunition for use in its M24 Sniper Weapon System.